It’s not a secret that casino gambling is advantageous not only to gamblers but also to casinos. This fact is explained by the common income as everything goes in circle: casino creates various bonuses and promotions to involve more gamblers while the gamblers use those promotions to earn more while involving new gamblers too. Thus, different casinos create various programs in order to attract lots of people. Today practically all palytech casino at this site has some kind of promotion or bonus program to offer. But there are some veterans that are popular all over the world for their bonus activities.

Now let’s make out in the most typical casino bonuses. The most common and the first casino bonus is the initial deposit bonus provided almost at every casino for the deposit made by the gamblers. Today practically every casino offers 100% bonus for the first deposit that can’t but seem rather attractive. Then everything depends on the casino. They may give you bonuses for your next deposits or a number of points or just nothing. But anyway the reliable online casinos with a high respect encourage every gambler’s deposit made – this is an undutiful indicator of the casino level.

Another kinds of bonuses are time bonuses that can be divided into week, month, holiday, weekend or even day bonus. They mean that every day/week/month/holiday/weekend/etc you get a fixed sum of money. But lots of casinos have created a system according to which one gets a fixed percentage of his month/week/year/etc deposits made. This bonus is especially advantageous for those who make big bets and deposits.

Many people adore non-deposit bonuses provided for the fact you do something for the casino. That kind of bonuses can be provided for various things. The most popular is refer-a-friend bonus according to which you get money if you involve your friends or just aliens, whoever, to the casino that following your link start playing there and make deposits. Thus you get a fixed sum for every person, or a fixed percentage from every gambler’s bet. Another type of non-deposit casino bonus is patrons bonuses that are paid just for people that keep playing at the particular casino for a certain period of time. These bonuses are paid in accordance to the loyalty program when people even get money for the fact they choose the particular casino.

And the last important casino present is jackpots that are usually provided in slots (though you can earn it playing poker or roulette) and imply a large sum of money consisting of the particular casino software producer basis. That kind of bonuses need good luck but they usually consist of millions of dollars.