Common Features In Explainer Videos And Animated Videos

Explainer videos are usually utilized by business to give a view of either their product or service or to inform about the values of the business. On the other hand, although, animated videos are also created by businesses however, it is usually considered the work of a small business that cannot afford real actors. Both of them are equally effective when assigned objectives that relate to them.

In addition to the differences that might exist, there are some commonalities that exist between explainer and animated videos. Some common features between the two kinds of videos are as under.

Script – The first feature common in both the kinds of videos is script. Whether it is an explainer video created with the objective of conveying the message of business, or an animated video created for amusing the audience, they both cannot be a success unless there is no script. Therefore, script is integral to both types of videos.

Voiceover – It seems understandable that in the case of animated videos, there is the need of a voiceover; however, voiceover is also a major part of explainer videos as well. The quality of voiceover in an explainer video is as important as its quality in animated videos; therefore, the importance of voiceover should never be undermined in explainer videos.

Music – A crucial component in both kinds of videos that can make or break them is the background music. In animated videos, it plays the role of keeping the audience interested in the animation, while in the case of an explainer video, the music in the background can serve the purpose of persuading the target audience.
In short, both explainer videos and animated videos, script, voiceover and music are the common features that play a crucial role in making the videos a success or otherwise. Therefore, all three of these should be ensured in both types of videos.